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SON'S GALLERY (formerly Art Gallery J316) was founded in order to review the history of art and to introduce contemporary artists 

by presenting curated art exhibitions across international topics. 

Gallery staff are dedicated to offering members of the gallery 

an opportunity to enhance the appreciation of art

through the experiences of curated exhibitions, workshops, and excursions. 

Members of the gallery will have various opportunities

to understand cultural perspectives

by participating in diverse events devoted to international art. 

Audience will get to understand different artistic objects 

ranging from traditional Asian hand scrolls and illustrated books

to modern mediums such as photography and film 

created by professional or dilettante artists.

The SONSGALLERY (formerly Art Gallery J316) web magazine of - <Short Stories of Asian Art> will examine the theme:

„Plants in Korean Art”

The project of the SONSGALLERY (formerly Art Gallery J316) will explore VARIOUS themes.



Sunyoung Lee

Administrative Assistant

Eun Hwa K.

Mu J. Bae


Sarah Jang

Sang Myeong


Nam Hee Choi

Leah Bachmann

Office 1

South Korea: Seoul


Office 2

Switzerland: Zurich


Son's Gallery until June 2020

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