Prospectus: Online Exhibition of Sonsgallery


All works are submitted electronically. You may submit the digital image and Youtube video links of your artwork by sending an email to . 

The submitted file should be suitable for posting online at the Online Sonsgallery gallery board. After the gallery exhibition, your works will remain on the Online Sonsgallery website.

Submit the information below.

1. First name Last name_Title of artwork_Date completed.jpg

2. Artist’s Statement:

Please explain the artistic process of all artworks submitted, interesting stories concerning your artworks, your perspective on art, techniques used for the artworks, etc.

3. YouTube Video links (for Video work)

4.  Synopsis (in English) in pdf file (for Video work)

5. Only Professional artists: Short CV or Resume in pdf file.

* All rights to the images of artworks submitted to Sonsgallery belong to the artist.



All submitted works must be original and not previously exhibited at Sonsgallery.

Please note that the original work must be available for online exhibition and art sale. 


Liability and Guidelines

The entrants must be the original owner of the artworks submitted and must not infringe patent rights. The entrants must own the copyright of artworks submitted and must not violate portrait rights of any people featured in the artworks submitted. The artist is responsible for obtaining the rights for property release of artworks or written permission of featured people; if children under 18 are featured, it must be permitted by their parents/guardians.

Sonsgallery does not assume the responsibility of insuring and caring for artworks selected for exhibition.

If someone discovers your artwork(s) on the Sonsgallery online gallery after the exhibition and would like to purchase your artwork(s), we will contact you before proceeding with the sales process. Therefore, please maintain your updated e-mail address, if you want to join in our art sale.


Sonsgallery will retain a commission of the retail price of artworks. Members of Sonsgallery receive 80% of the sales price and non-members receive 70% of the sales price. Therefore, please value your work carefully and offer the retail price with commission included.

Sonsgallery promises that no art sales or printing of submitted files will occur without any prior consent of the artists. 

Artists must sign an authentication document for art sales. Detailed information of artworks such as edition will be discussed with artists prior to exhibition or art sales. 


All artists are cordially invited to submit to our current call for artists. If you have inquiries or concerns or need any additional information please contact Sunyoung Lee, curator of Sonsgallery's exhibitions, .

Submission: Online Exhibition of Songallery