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Call for Artworks

SONSGALLERY (formerly Art Gallery J316) plans thematic exhibitions in order to inspire creative will and encourage artistic abilities through presenting unique works by Sonsgallery members and non-member artists. The Sonsgallery staff is composed of a curator, art critic, and art historian, all of whom judge the monthly exhibitions. For outstanding works submitted to the exhibitions, Sonsgallery offers cash awards and will promote art sales during and after the exhibition.  

The Sonsgallery's gallery exhibitions will take place four times per year: in March, June, September, and December.

The Sonsgallery's on-line exhibitions will take place every week via the website .

* Nowadays we only open the online gallery.




On-line Exhibition of SONSGALLERY: for various themes

More Information: Prospectus: Online Exhibition

Submission: Online Exhibition



When: Today

Theme: for various themes

I : Paintings

Submission I

II : Photograph

Submission II

III : Short Film

Submission III

IV : Printed Illustration

Submission IV

More Information: Prospectus

Submission: Gallery Exhibition



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