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I: Photograph

SONSGALLERY (formerly Art Gallery J316) is preparing an exhibition with various themes, and we invite artists to work in the medium of photography.

Additionally, works selected for Sonsgallery's exhibition may be eligible for the Sonsgallery Award and the Audience Award. 



: Today

All submitted works must be original and not previously exhibited at Sonsgallery.

You may submit images of up to four of your original works via the Sonsgallery website. Please note that the original work must be available for gallery exhibition and art sale if it is selected. Size of the original work is limited to 36 inches by 40 inches. 

Submit the information below.

1. First name Last name_Title of artwork_Date completed_Medium_Height x Width in inches.jpg

2. Artist’s Statement:

Please explain the artistic process of all artworks submitted, interesting stories concerning your artworks, your perspective on art, techniques used for the artworks, etc.

3. Short CV or Resume in pdf file.

4. Application fee (pay online with paypal or credit card).


: The results will be notified individually.



: Two weeks in Zurich, Switzerland




Submission of up to four original works possible.



Audience Award: $100

All accepted works are registered in the exhibition brochures.



Sonsgallery staff and the exhibition audience.

Criteria: originality, innovation, and technical and artistic quality.



Artists can confirm acceptance of their submitted work(s) on the Sonsgallery website after the notification time. Additionally, Sonsgallery will announce selection results by sending an email to each accepted artist. All selected artworks will be posted on the Sonsgallery website concurrently with the notification of acceptance.


The judge’s decision will be announced about two weeks after the submission deadline. The winner of ‘Sonsgallery Award’ will be announced about one week after the notification of the selected works, and the winner of ‘Audience Award’ will be announced the day after the exhibition closes.



All artists are cordially invited to submit to our current call for artists. If you have inquiries or concerns or need any additional information please contact Sunyoung Lee, curator of Sonsgallery's exhibitions .


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