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*Nowadays we only open the online gallery.

Prospectus: Gallery Exhibition of Sonsgallery

All works are submitted electronically for the judging process. You may submit the digital image of your artwork by sending an email to: .

The submitted file should be suitable for posting both online at the Sonsgallery gallery board and in the exhibition brochures. After the gallery exhibition, your works will remain on the Sonsgallery website.


Submit the information below.

1. First name Last name_Title of artwork_Date completed_Medium_Height x Width in inches.jpg

2. Artist’s Statement:

Please explain the artistic process of all artworks submitted, interesting stories concerning your artworks, your perspective on art, techniques used for the artworks, etc.

3. YouTube Video links (for Theme II)

4.  Synopsis (in English) in pdf file (for Theme II)

5. Short CV or Resume in pdf file.


* You may resubmit previously submitted artwork, which was not initially accepted for the Sonsgallery exhibitions.

* As the quality and number of submitted artworks varies according to exhibition theme, so does the number of Sonsgallery and/or Audience Awards. If there are not enough qualified submissions for the awards, none will be awarded.

* Some artworks, which were not accepted for the Sonsgallery exhibitions, automatically have an additional chance to be considered for online exhibitions in the annex on-line gallery of Sonsgallery. 

* Members at the Artist and Sustaining levels may submit up to their first two works for free and pay discounted submission fees for our exhibitions.

Image files

- JPEG/JPG files only

- Minimum pixels depending on work - for submissions.

 (If the artwork is accepted for the AGJ316 exhibition and printed by AGJ316, a file of enough pixels should be sent to AGJ316 in order to get the right quality of printing.)

- enough resolution (PPI)

- Compression setting 7-8, sRGB color space or Grayscale

- maximum 10MB file size

- without any layer


* All rights to the images of artworks submitted to Sonsgallery belong to the artist.



All submitted works must be original and not previously exhibited at Sonsgallery.

You may submit images of up to three of your original works via the Sonsgallery website. Please note that the original work must be available for gallery exhibition and art sale if it is selected. Size of the original work is limited to 36 inches by 40 inches.


Liability and Guidelines

The entrants must be the original owner of the artworks submitted and must not infringe patent rights. The entrants must own the copyright of artworks submitted and must not violate portrait rights of any people featured in the artworks submitted. The artist is responsible for obtaining the rights for property release of artworks or written permission of featured people; if children under 18 are featured, it must be permitted by their parents/guardians.

Sonsgallery does not assume the responsibility of insuring and caring for artworks selected for exhibition.

Sonsgallery highly recommends using our qualified service to print, mat and frame your artworks for CHF 40 (: artwork that is smaller than 16 x 20 inch). We offer free white or black mats and free glass frames for works of 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 15 x 20 cm,

20 x 28 cm, 28 x 35 cm. For artworks over these sizes, some extra cost for printing, matting and framing will be asked after consultations.

If you want to have your work returned, you can receive your work returned with additional shipping cost dependent on the shipping address. The works that are not picked up within 14 days after closing the exhibition, will be destroyed or donated to charity. If someone discovers your artwork(s) on the Sonsgallery online gallery after the exhibition and would like to purchase your artwork(s), we will contact you before proceeding with the sales process. Therefore, please maintain your updated e-mail address, if you want to join in our art sale.


If you want to send your artworks to us, all works can be delivered to the Sonsgallery directly by hand or by post. However, please note that the artists must be responsible for all shipping costs and any damage to the artwork.

You must prepay for return shipping and send works using a reusable box with a return label containing a barcode. Without a barcoded return label, we will refuse to resend your artwork.

Please do not send your artwork with a glass or a special frame, since you can utilize our gallery frames for free. If the glass you send is broken, your artwork is damaged and there will be an extra $50 Janitorial Fee.

Do not package your work in rolls when you deliver your artwork to us. We will refuse to exhibit rolled artwork. 

All work must be delivered to Sonsgallery ten days prior to the opening of the exhibition.

All works must be in printed, matted (white or off-white) and labeled on the back with information such as the title, date completed, artist’s name and signature. If your artwork is a limited edition, please label on the back.


If the quality of the printed version of works is profoundly different from the image submitted in spite of our adjustment, Sonsgallery will refuse to hang it for the exhibition.


The shipping address is: informed by email.



Sonsgallery will retain a commission of the retail price of artworks. Members of Sonsgallery receive 80% of the sales price and non-members receive 70% of the sales price. Therefore, please value your work carefully and offer the retail price with commission included.

Sonsgallery promises that no art sales or printing of submitted files will occur without any prior consent of the artists. Sonsgallery will print only one piece of each artwork per exhibition. Exhibition prints will be available for purchase. In case of further inquiry regarding art sales, the artists will be notified and consulted about the cost for printing or matting artwork(s) prior to proceeding with the sale confirmation.

Artists must sign an authentication document for art sales. Detailed information of artworks such as edition will be discussed with artists prior to exhibition or art sales. 


All artists are cordially invited to submit to our current call for artists. If you have inquiries or concerns or need any additional information please contact Sunyoung Lee, curator of Sonsgallery's exhibitions,

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