Jeon Young mi

<The Revival of Cheong>



Grand Prize at Korea Professional Artists Mall Festival (2015), awarded by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Korean Government


Solo Exhibitions

2017 Solo Exhibition “The Heart of Cheong” 

2017 Solo Invited Exhibition 

2016 Invited Solo Exhibition for the winner of Grand Prize   

2016 Invited Solo Exhibition “Under the Sky in May” 

2015 Solo Exhibition “In Memory of Her Precious Moments”

2015 Individual Booth Exhibition at KPAM Festival 

2014 Solo Exhibition “My Beautiful Mother” 

2014 Invited Solo Exhibition 

2014 Invited Solo Exhibition 

2012 Solo Exhibition “Puppies and Friends” 


International Art Fairs

2017 Le Carrousel du Louvre Paris Art Fair 

2017 Korean Contemporary Art Festival in New York 

2017 Art Expo New York [SOLO] exhibition 

2017 Seoul International Art Expo 

2016 Affordable Art Fair in Seoul 

2016 Art Busan 

2015 Seoul Open Art Fair 

2014 Singapore Bank Art Fair 

2013 Seoul Open Art Fair 


National/International Group Exhibitions

2017 Korea Art Exhibition

2017 Virgil America International Artists Association Exhibition confirmed 

2017 Modern Korean Painting Association Exhibition 

2017 Korean American Contemporary Arts Exhibition 

2017 Osaka Gallery Opening Invitation Exhibition 

2017 Korea Open Calligraphy and Oriental Painting Exhibition 

2016 Vergil International Artists Association Korea Branch Exhibition 

2016 The 24th Exhibition of Songpa Artist Association Exhibition 

2015 The 10th Songpa Artist Association Exhibition of Woman Artists 

2015 The 23th Exhibition of Songpa Artist Association 2015 

2014 China-Korea Modern Painting Exhibition 

2013-2009 various group exhibitions participated


Publications: Books

Jeon, Youngmi (2017).  The Heart of Cheong: Pictures with Stories. 

Jeon, Youngmi (2015).  Her Precious Moments: Pictures with Poems.

Jeon, Youngmi (2014). My Beautiful Mother: Pictures with Poems. 

Jeon, Youngmi (2012). Puppies and Friends: Pictures with Poems. 


Judge Experiences

The 14th National Open Calligraphy and Oriental Painting Contest in Korea, 2017. Etc.



2016  Calendar Collaboration with Samsung Securities Co., Ltd.

2015  Calendar Collaboration with Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

2015  Calendar Collaboration with China Sangjin Chemical Co., Ltd.

2014  Calendar Collaboration with China Sangjin Chemical Co., Ltd. Etc.

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