Kim Ji Eun 




      A member of the korea Traditional Color Research

      2017.09 Colorfulkorea Founding

      2017.09 Korea Tourist Souvenir Contest Prize for making a smartphone case and a pouch

      2017.08 Collaboration with Maypop (making a smartphonecase)

      2012.07 Gangneung Dano Articles and Pictures Contest Prize

      1996~2011 Graphic & GUI Design

      1994.02 Dongseoul College Advertising Design Division graduation



      2017.12 Global Art Collaboration Expo

      20172017.11 Korea Tourist Souvenir Contest Awards Exhibition (Cheongwadae Sarangchae. Seoul)

      2017.10 Beautiful life (Kotra. Seoul)

      2017.09 Cat (The color. Seoul)

      2013.10 Korea Traditional Color Research Founding Exhibition (Araartsenter. Seoul)

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