Lu XinXin

<Crossing – Subversion – Exploration>


XIN (God) inhabits a shifting space.

Xin’s philosophy can be shaped to suit a variety of objects. Xin knows how to enjoy life, how to love each other and how to be happy.But people who see Xin in South Korea call them “Goblin“

Their home is open to all and is a place where friends can meet, where everyone is part of one big family.


Rendered against the backdrop of an exotic civilization, richly imagined and populated with many vivid characters, and the small things in life become big heroes in her eyes.

In the process of creation, the South Korean concept is to draw that which others do not draw and to make use of simple colour schemes, to evoke happiness and think what others do not think of in order to create stories pertinent to themselves. Within her paintings of an altered state Korea, unfamiliar people, filled with hate drift along the streets, going about their business can be found. 

Lu Xinxin is Taiwanese, born and raised in Taipei. In 2015, she settled in Seoul. She began working as an illustrator in March 2016, and has created many works since then.

In November, she started to hold exhibitions in Korean coffee shops and, from 2017, started to take part in larger, join, exhibitions.

At present, Line (Computer application for instant communications)  has also launched a line of stickers based on her works, along with other merchandise.


2016.11.30 ~2016.12.15   Seoul-Coffee & Christmas Sundae Exhibition

2016.12.06 ~2017.02.06   Seoul-Coffee zip-Black Christmas & Urban woman's sole happiness exhibition

2017.01.05 ~2017.02.15   Dosan-daero 1-gil 12 Cafe - Shin ramyun girl met frist snow exhibition

2017.01.08 ~2017.02.07   Gyeonggi-do-BREWBREW coffee-Shin ramyun girl daily lift exhibition

2017.03.01~ 2017.04.16   Seoul coexistence coffee-About love of Xin‘s exhibition

2017.03.24 ~2017.07.30   Seoul-coffee zip-About love of Xin‘s exhibition

2017.06.02     Line graphic animation design of chat software-Lamour offically shelves

2017.06.05 ~2017.06.23   Busan-Nampo Young Illustration exhibition

2017.07.20 ~2017.07.24   Seoul illustration fair

2017.10.09 ~2017.10.10   Taichung  Audit Village -Taiwan's first illustration commodity exhibition


2017.11.03 ~2017.11.05   Osaka UNKNOWN ASIA

2017.12.05 ~2017.12.06   Seoul - Global Art & Consumer goods Collaboration Expo