Park hui sun



Park Hui Sun divided his time between making sculptures and woodblock prints, and used sprouts as a main motif in his artworks. He developed his own visual formative language through various motifs such as sprout, mountain, and man, which connoted the desire for achieving a peaceful unification of Korea. Most of his artworks have a folksy atmosphere and deal with subject matters that represent landscapes and evoke a longing for one’s hometown.

(1957 ∼ 1997)

1981  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture,

          Seoul National University, Korea

1983  Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture,

          Seoul National University, Korea

1994  The 3rd Kim Jong Young Sculpture Award

1998  The 3rd Catholic Fine Art Award in Sculpture


*Solo Exhibitions

1989  Tou Gallery, Seoul

1991  Invitation Exhibition, Kangwonilbo,

          Chuncheon Cultural Center

1991  Kumho Gallery, Seoul

1994  Seokyeong Gallery, Seoul

1996  Kanahwarang, Seoul


*Group Exhibitions

16 times in Seoul, Masan, Cheonan, Gwacheon in Korea, and Turkey


*Posthumous Exhibitions

1998  Moran Gallery, Masan

2007  Kim Jong Young Gallery, Seoul

2012  Chuncheon KBS, Chuncheon