Park Shinsook

 < Song of Trees - ' The secret of Nature' >

The tree that deals with the subject matter of a work is a poetic image imprinted intuitively rather than focusing on interpretation.

There are writings, words and images(paintings) as a means of expressing things or situation.

The writing is analytical and flat, and the words are three-dimensional in terms of intonation, color, tone and speed, but the original meaning is lost during the process of delivery.

Painting(image) is more comprehensive and three-dimensional than writing and speaking.

An image-shaped tree imagines everything around it, including wind and air, and condenses into light, temperature, seasonal colors and other total images to enable a refined feeling of emotion.

This work changed the work by putting the circle, the square and the triangle representing people, the heaven and earth in the background.

Works accumulated over a long period of time due to minute differences and repetition are unique.

The tree, expressed by its inner inevitability, faces inward, sometimes accompanied by a quiet movement, extending its outer covering.

Nature changes and grows and matures in a secret stillness.



<Growth Diary - Memory, Dream and Present>


Dead trees are said to be unshaken. The tree that shakes in the wind (time, flow, life, everyday life) is alive.


However, the tree is rooted in its place, sustaining and sustaining life. Perfection is not a mere presence, but a process of shaking, balancing, growing, and mature.


I would like to say that the tree is a symbolic material that gives fear, sometimes love, and rest, and the wind like the air is invisible, but it is a story of our invisible but existent life, as you can see from the trembling of the tree .


One of the slowest growing of all living creatures is humanity. Mental maturity is a lifelong work.


Plants grow by absorbing adequate sunlight and nutrients, but actual growth is said to take place during the night rather than the day.


Humans may grow and mature in limited circumstances when there is such a dark time that night can be called.


Through plants, trees, and everyday materials, we recall the growth and maturation processes of human beings who accompany growing cramps.


The present I am a mirror of what I grew up in the past, the remnants of the past can see me now. 

So again, the precious life of the present dreams a beautiful and mature future.


It makes me wait for the mature fruit bearing day.






* Education

     - 2001 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts Education at Ewha Graduate School of


     - 1987 Graduated from Department of Painting at Ewha Womans University



* Career

     2009~2010 Dae-Jin University (Lecturer)


* Solo exhibitions


     - Kumho Museum of Art

     - United Art Gallery,

     - Far Beyond Gallery,  

     - Art Wall Gallery, 

     - KB Kookmin Bank,

     - Able Fine Art NY Gallry,

     - Seoul and New York , 

     - Mana Gallery,

     - Gana Art Space,

     - Artzio Gallery,

     - Insa Art Center, 

     - Jiguchon Gallery,

     - Galley Ewha, Space Haam,

     - Kwanhoon Gallery,

     - IDNTT Space 

* Art fair, Biennale


     - Seoul Art Show

     - Ewha Art Fair,

     - AAF Amsterdam,

     - Art Gyeongju,

     - AAF Singapore, 

     - Asia Contemprorary Art Show Hong Kong,

     - Korea International Art Fair, 

     - Art Busan International Art Fair,

     - France Sarcelles Print Biennale ,

     - Switzeland Montreux Art fair, 

     - Korea's Representing Art Festival,

     - The Pre-International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale,

     - Art Seoul 

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