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         While houses are often regarded as functionary places where people eat, sleep, and interact with one another, for many Koreans, houses are something more than just a domicile or fact of circumstance. The house represents a sensitivity of feeling with a lingering symbolic resonance deeply held within human consciousness, even as one may travel to another place. (...) Soonmin Choi’s ongoing series (since 2005) of modestly scaled paintings and mixed medium works, titled My Father’s House, are about these kinds of memories. They express moments of sincere authenticity, in the purest sense. The bright colors and shapes held within Ms. Choi’s miniature houses suggest moments given over to heightened feelings of quiet celebration and ebullient fulfillment. Her paintings are fundamental statements of faith as to what it means to be alive, healthy, and thriving in the wanderlust of nature. (...) Through this energy, Ms. Choi has discovered a special way of working. She begins with a hard wood surface on which she layers sheets of hanji (traditional Korean mulberry paper), one over another. Often she will mix sand or grit from crushed rocks into her pigments and inks.  Occasionally she will etch or scratch lines into the surface, which will become the ground on which her house reside.  In the act of painting, Choi focuses on a very particular vocabulary of essential or “primary shapes.”  The house is a child-like pentagon: the first symbol of a house, always with a peaked roof.  Within these primary pentagon shapes, the artist will paint very thin multi-colored lines or bead-like swirls, applying one dot or dash at a time until the swirling sensation is visually complete. (...)

(cited from 'Soonmin Choi’s Magnificent Spring Concerto', written by Robert C. Morgan)



Graduated from the Dept. of Painting, College of Fine Arts

Dong-Duk Women`s University Seoul, Korea


2017 Gallery 41 Exhibition (Seoul)

2016 The Invited Exhibition by CHOI,SOONMIN (Gallery YEDAM-Daejeon)

2015 Able Fine Art NY Gallery (New York)

2015 SaRang Art Gallery (SaRang Church- Seoul)

2015 Government Complex Seoul  Gallery (Seoul)

2015 Able Fine Art NY Gallery (Seoul)

2015 H Gallery (Seoul)

2014 SINPUNG Art Museum (Yecheon)

2012 Invitational Gallery Regina (Yongin)

2012 MANIF18!12(Seoul Arts Center-Seoul)

2012 Invitational Gallery.Book.Cafe UMOHA -Yongin)

2011 Invitational Gallery palais de seoul -Seoul)

2011 MANIF17!11(Seoul Arts Center,-Seoul)

2010 Invitational Fine Art Show ASAN Medical Center(ASAN Medical Center- Seoul)

2010 MANIF16!10(Seoul Arts Center- Seoul)

2009 GIFT Exhibition (Grimson Gallery-Seoul)

2009 Invitational Fine Art Show My father's house Exhibition(Spacemovin Gallery-Seoul)

2008 Invitational Fine Art Show Hyundai Department Store Gallery (Seoul)

2008 Invitational Fine Art Show SEJONG Hotel Gallery (Seoul)

2007 MANIF 13 !07 (Seoul Arts Center, Seoul)

2007 Invitational Fine Art Show International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale (Incheon)

2007 Invitational Fine Art Show Hyundai Department Store Exhibition (Seoul)

2006 MANIF 12 !06 (Seoul Arts Center-Seoul)

2005 MANIF 11 !05 (Seoul Arts Center-Seoul)

2004 The 5th KPAA (Seoul Arts Center- Seoul)

2002 Jacob's time Exhibition (Gallery All- Seoul)

2001 First love Exhibition (Gallery Insa- Seoul)

1999 Gallery Sague (Seoul)

1998 Gallery Academy (Seoul)


2018 HARBOUR ART FAIR (Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotei, Hong Kong)

2018 KOREA GALLERYS ART FAIR 2018 (COEX C Hall, Seoul)

2017 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (F1 B-Singapore)

2017 Daegu Art Fair (EXCO:83-Daegu)

2017 KIAF (COEX Hall B89, Seoul)

2017 BAMA2017 (BEXCO-Busan)

2017 ART BUSAN ((BEXCO E30, Busan))


2017 KOREA GALLERYS ART FAIR 2017 (COEX C Hall, Seoul)

2017 “Art Up” Contemporary Art Fair (France Lille Grand Palais, Paris)

2017 Pink Art Fair Seoul (Inter Continental Seoul COEX 7th floor, Seoul)

2016 SEOUL ART SHOW ((COEX Hall A55, Seoul)

2016 AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (F1 B-Singapore)

2016 Montreux Art Gallery (Montreux Music & Convention Centre, Switzerland)

2016  KIAF 2016 (COEX Hall A,B Hall-Seoul)

2016  Healing Arts Festival (COEX Hall A4-Seoul)

2016  PLAS2016 (COEX:D Hall- Seoul)

2016  ART BUSAN 2016 (BEXCO-Busan)

2016  GIAF (Changwon-Korea)

2016  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX A Hall- Seoul)

2015  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR ( Milan-Italy )

2015  AAF Battersea Autumn Collection(D1-London)


2015  Daegu Art Fair (EXCO:12-Daegu)

2015  ART BUSAN 2015 (BEXCO:H06-Busan)

2015  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX:G77- Seoul)

2015  With artfair 2015 (Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas-Seoul)

2015  ULSAN Art Fair (Ulsan KBS:A-52-Ulsan)

2014  Daegu Art Fair (EXCO:33-Daegu)

2014  art expo MALAYSIA(MATRADE Exhibition- Kuala Lumpur)

2014  BAMA2014 (Busan Art Market df gallerys Affairs-Busan))

2014  CA-U Contemporary Art Fair(ULSAN)

2014  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX G63 - Seoul)

2014  ARTSHOW BUSAN 2014 (BEXCO E14-Busan)

2013  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR(F1 B-Singapore)

2013  art expo MALAYSIA(MATRADE Exhibition-Kuala Lumpur)

2013  Carroysel du Louvre Artshopping(Louvre Artshopping-Paris)

2013  Art:gwangju:13(KIMDAEJUNG CONVENTION CENTER-Gwangju)


2013  Worlds Apart Fair (CONRAD Hotel-SINGAPORE)

2012  Maiami Art Fair (ArtAsia, GaGa Gallery -USA)


2012  DOORS ART FAIR(Imperial Hotel-JJ Joong Jung Galler)

2012  Hong Kong Contemporary (The Park Lane Hotel:N:922)

2011  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX Hall G19 - Seoul)

2010  Maiami Art Fair (ArtAsia, ZOOM Gallery -USA)

2010  Daegu Art Fair (EXCO, Zoom Gallery-Daegu)

2010  Seoul Modern Art Show (ATcenter- Seoul)

2010  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX- Seoul)

2009  2009 GREEN CAKE ART FAIR (Shinsegae Departmen-, Seoul))

2009  Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX- Seoul)

2007  Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai Mart- Thailand)

2006  BUSAN LOTTE ART FAIR (Busan- Korea)




2018 Gallery NOW Exhibition (Seoul), Go in June (Able Fine Art NY Gallery, New York), Dong-Duk university Exhibition in celebration of the Fine Arts 50th(Dong-Duk Gallery, Seoul), Go in May Exhibition (Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul) 

1984 - 2018 Participating in group exhibitions more than 150 times


2002  The Joong-Ang Fine Arts Competition (Hoam Gallery)

2001  Art Forum International Public Subscriptions (Gongpyong Art Center)

2000  Exhibition of Korea Contemporary Art Public Subscriptions(Jongro Gallery, Seoul)

1997  National Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwhon)

1998  National Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwhon)

1998, 1999, 2000  Christian Grand Art of Korea (Ilmin Museum)


ASAN Medical Center

The National Museum of Contemporary Art

Somang Prison (Yeoju)

Hyundai Heavy Industries

ShineVille resort

Myungsun Church


A member of the Art mission

A member of the korean Fine Arts Association

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