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‘Embracing’, a new artwork by Dong Young Kim reflects the subjects and formalities explored by the artist for past 10 years. This embracing of the topic had been pursued over 30 years of time. It’s been only a year since the artist had his solo exhibition in Sabae, Japan and in Santa Monica back in 2014, but the sense of inner interval the artwork exhibits is considerably extensive. The positive energy praising the glory of life and the providence of greater being naturally penetrates throughout the canvas. The new artwork portrays affirmation of the artist’s solution in broad width of chastity.


The ‘outwardly exposed’ canvas ‘inwardly embrace’ the existence of one’s dwelling and the breath of its life. Instead of synthetic script of universes, genuine atmospheric extent of reality is unlocked. The sense of liveliness and energy was very much attained in artist’s previous series that features four-leaf clover, but in his new series, the artist ‘embrace’ the unacquainted materials and technique to ‘uncover’ the liberal frame and composition, approaching the performance in more open-minded and magnanimity attitude. This is why ‘Embracing’ series are perceived differently from artist’s previous series.

(cited from 'Beauty in sentiment of community, embraced by the heart, written by Jung Eun Young') 



2007        Hongik University. Fine Arts Philosophy doctor, Seoul, Korea (Ph.D)

1983        University of Kentucky Graduate School, Lexington, Kentucky (M.F.A)

1981        University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky (B.F.A.)

1971        Graduate National Seoul Teacher"s College, Seoul, Korea



Teaching and Work Experience

Present -            Korea National University of Education, Honorary professor

1987 - 2015       Korea National University of Education, professor

2010                  Member of Operation Committee in Danwon Art Festival (Painting)

2007 - 2009       President of Korea Art Education Association

2007                  Danwon Art Festival Connoisseur (Painting)

2007                  Seoul Art Awards Connoisseur (Painting)

2006 - 2007       Dean of 1st College in Korea National University of Education

2000                  19th Korea Art Competition Connoisseur

1996 - 1997       Visiting Scholar University of Missouri, Columbia, U.S.A

1983 - 2002       Hongik University, Duksung Women's College,

                          Seoul Teacher's National University, Instructor

Solo Exhibition 

2017        Kim, Dong Young Painting Exhibition, 409 Gallery, Giheung Gyunggido 6.8-30

2016        Kim, Dong Young Painting Exhibition, Sarang Art Gallery, Sarang Church 4.16-5.15

2015        Painting Exhibition, Grimson Gallery, Seoul 8.8-18

2015        Painting Exhibition, The Trinity Gallery, Torch Trinity Center, 9.25-10.26

2014        Kim, Dong Young Painting Exhibition, Sabae Contemporary Art Center, Fukui, Japan 

2014        Kim, Dong Young Painting Exhibition, Gallery Grida, Seoul 2014-4.6-27

2014        Painting Exhibition, JNA Gallery, Bergamot Station, L.A. U.S.A 2014-1.4-27

2013        Painting Exhibition, Gallery Seven, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, 2013. 11.7-14

2011        Painting Exhibition, Grimson Gallery, Seoul, 11,28-2012.1.3.

2010        Painting Exhibition, Grimson Gallery, Seoul, 11,17-30

2004        Painting Exhibition, Gallere Figure, Paris, France, 11. 17 - 30

2004        Kim, Dong Young Painting Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul 5. 19 -26

1997        Painting Exhibition, University of Missouri Bingham Gallery, Columbia, Missouri,


1994        Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Galllery May, Seoul, 11. 14- 23

1992        Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Gallery 2000, Seoul, 4. 22- 28

1988        Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, 10. 21-26

1983        Painting and Printmaking Exhibition, American Cultural Art Center, Seoul

1983        Painting and Printmaking Exhibition (Center for Contemporary Art, Fine Arts Building,

                University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A)



Art Fair and Special Exhibition

2015       Venice biennale special exhibitions 2015, Palrazo Loredan, Venice, Italy, 5.9-6.18

2015       Comparaisons 2015 (Gran Palais, France)

2015       Montreux Art Fair, Montreux, Swiss

2013       Korea International Art Fair 2013 (KIAF 13), Coex, Seoul

2012       Korean Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul

2011       Korea International Art Fair 2011 (KIAF 11), Coex, Seoul

2011       Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Shanghai, China

2010       China Korea Modern Art Fair, 789 Art Center, China 706 21-254.

2008       MANIF 14! Seoul 2008 (Seoul Art Center, Hangaram Museum, Seoul) 10.1-13

2006       ART METZ, METZ, France, 4. 5 -10

2004       San Francisco Art Fair, (San Francisco, U.S.A)

2002       Chungbuk ART FAIR 2002 (CAF 2002), Cheong-ju Art Center, Cheong-ju, 8.19-26


Group Exhibition

1983~present   Participating in group exhibitions more than 300 times

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