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“There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’.

There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.”

(-by Arundhati Roy)



Series - FAT

“We currently live in an environment that stigmatizes anyone who does not meet the aesthetic or medically de ned categories of an ‘attractive’ or ‘healthy’ weight [...]

it creates and sustains fatphobia and oppression, which includes weight bias, prejudice, stigma, discrimination, bullying, violence, and cultural imperialism.”

Series - ROOM

ROOM is an ongoing series dedicated to a woman’s body.

The goal is to explore her innumerable facets,

and reduce them to simpli ed, palatable stereotypes for a patriarchal society.


Series - EXIL

“Ahmed, Mehari and Prabakaran are regulars

at the Migrant Day Center of the Geneva Red Cross located at rue de Monthoux.

Looking toward the future, these three men and all of their peers 

believe in a brighter tomorrow.

This belief means the worst is in fact, behind them.”

Series - LA LIGNE

LA LIGNE (THE LINE) is that what we follow during our existence,

sometimes blindly, sometimes fully awake.

It is the sum of many disciplines including:

L’ Image (Image), Le Souf e (Breath), L’ Aliment (Food),

Le Travail (Work), Le Jeu (Play) et L’ Art (Art).

The subject is faceless because it is me, it is you and everyone.

In each drawing, they practice a discipline of LA LIGNE (THE LINE).





Born in 1986, MURZO lives and works between Switzerland and Ireland.

After a few years of travel and professional experience, she completed courses in 2D animation and in visual communication abroad.

In 2014 she began full time work as an artist. Social commentary is a main focus in her projects.

“The common thread that inhabits my work is a contemporary questioning of constantly evolving subjects that exist within the zeitgeist.”


2010 - 2011: 2D Animation Vanarts, Vancouver, BC

2011 - 2013: Visual Communication and Multimedia, Creapole, Paris



La Cabine, Sion, Switzerland
Rhy Art, (Art Basel off event)

Fondation Valette, Ardon, Switzerland

L’Incubateur Pop Up, Sion, Switzerland

Bains de Géronde, Sierre, Switzerland

Association Kymè, Vevey, Switzerland

Artex, Vétroz, Switzerland


L’Incubateur Pop Up, Sion, Switzerland

Artex, Conthey, Switzerland
The Boathouse Gallery, Kinsale, Ireland


Viverra, Geneva, Switzerland
Alpagai, Sion, Switzerland

La Régence, Vétroz (solo), Switzerland



10 Days in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland



Immersions #2 “Gares”
L’Onde Zine #1 “Le Consentement”


Immersions #1
“Les Pâquis”

Immersions #0 “Val d’Hérens”

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