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My interests are hidden in people, society and history, although they are in a connected relation.

I express the relation between me and the present through my experience of myth and history.

The relation-disappearance and reappearance shown in history express the invisible causality between past and present.

In 2003, I exhibited the problem of the desire of modern man through the mythical theme of 'Icarus-now & here'. And in 'Labylinthos or Maze' in 2004, I expressed the situation of modern man with my own image of maze or mazes used in myth.

Since then, my interest has been constantly stimulated with curiosity and consolidated into relation and networks. Every relation involves not only being seen but also not being revealed. Like Indra's net, through the causality, past is connected with future in the same network.  


Numerous lines superimposed in the symbolic sense and the shapes of Sumer clay tablets were used in my works. Sumer clay tablets, simplified for my work, are expressed as general memory of history and as my personal memories in a narrow sense. The symbolic foot shape depicted on the background of the Sumer clay tablets signifies the presence of human beings or traces of individual living.

The pieces of the Sumer clay tablets appearing on the screen can be an individual that is directly or indirectly revealed or sometimes hidden, and at the same time symbolically express individual stories that were gathered and become history.

Since my late 20s, the curiosity and wonder of Sumer clay tablets and Rosetta Stone,

inscriptions on bones and tortoise carapaces (甲骨文字) made me interested in human history and archeology, and became a He-Story in my paintings.  


-by Park Rosin.


Brooklyn college of city of universirty of N.Y. (M.F.A.)

Hong Ik universirty (B.F.A.)

Solo exhibition

2018     United Gallery 

2015     Gabi Gallery 

2011     Gana Art Space

2009     Sung Nam Art Center     

2006     Kepco Plaza Gallery

2004     Gasan Gallery

2004     Gaia Gallery

2003     Gaia Gallery

1999     Dam Gallery

1992     Yoon Gallery

1991     Batanggol Gallery


Group exhibition

2018     DMZ - Stop War Festival, Cheorwon

2018     Freedraw - Pondesart Gallery, Seoul

2013     Asiarts in Bajing – Horizon Gallery, Bajing, China 

2013     Think and See, See and Think (Gong Pyeong Gallery)

2012     Asiarts in Seoul – Seoul Art Space (Gong Pyeong Gallery) 

2011     Freedraw -  THROUGH Gallery, Seoul

2009     Wonderful Pictures -  Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul

             Good Morning Seoul - Seoul Art Center

2007     KCAF (Korea Contemporary Srt Festival)- Art Center, Seoul

             Confines of New Art - CICA  Museum, Kimpo

             SADI Window Gallery

2006     Meeting of Flat & Mass - Sebang Art Center, Chunchoen

             11 Artisrs - AKA Seoul Gallery

             KCAF (Korea Contemporary Art Festival) - Art Center, Seoul

             Variation &  Clone - Skape Gallery, La Mer Gallery, Seoul

2005     Red Flower- Skape Gallery

2004     KOREA-GERMANY Contemporary Art Exhibition, Paris, France

2003     Busan Contemporary Art - Busan Cultual Art Center, Busan

2002     KDB 48th Anniversary Open Exhibition, Seoul

             Lotte Gallery, Seoul

1998     Pleiades Gallery, Soho, New York

1997     Check Lebitan Gallery, Soho, New York

             La Guadia Gallery,  Brooklyn, New York

             Hunter Gallery, New York

1993     New Wave Exhibition - Gallery Migun. Seoul

             Mass 9 Exhibition - Indeco Gallery, Seoul

1992     Member of Korea Art Association Exhibition - Art Center, Seoul

             J`ovenes Artists de Corea 92 - Madrid , Spain

1991     Fine Art Exhibition - Gallery 2000 , Seoul

             New Form Exhibition -Yoon Gallery , Seoul

             All  Exhibition - Batanggol, Seoul

             Mass 9 Exhibition - Na Gallery, Baik Song gallery , Seoul

             A Section Exhibition of Contemporary Art - Art center, Seoul

1990     Mass 9 Exhibition - Dong Sung Art Cenrer , Seoul

             Tae Back Gallery, Daegu

             1990  Exhibition - Chung Nam Gallery, Seoul

             Artist of Investgation for Tomorrow - The 3th Gallery, Seoul

             Contemporary Exhibition of 20 Artists - Batanggol, Seoul

             Seoul Contemporary Art Festival - Art Center, Seoul

1989     Mass 9 Exhibition - Now Gallery, Seoul

             Seoul Contemporary Art Festival - Art center, Seoul

             Korea Art Grand Exhibition - National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1988     Dong-Art Festival - National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

             Contemporary Print Exhibition - Hyun Dae Gallery, Seoul

             The 1th Hieroglypic  Gold prize,  Ho Am Gallery, Seoul

             Korea Art Grand Exhibition - National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul

1987     Press 87 - Hoo Gallery, Seoul


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